If she's the classic lady that likes her flowers, lingerie, sweets and spa services - here are Radar's local go-tos:

BastianSkoog - the ultimate in floral orchestration.
Give the brilliant Liz and Heidi a holler with this essential info by Friday the 10th, here are all the details.

Bring your pals and hit, "Guys Night Out" this Thurs at Flirt.  You can't go wrong with a gift from here.  She's not into lingerie?  There's pretty perfumes, candles and soaps too.

I've yet to meet a sweet I haven't liked from Cocoa&Fig.  And they have a special Valentine's Day menu all wrapped up for your sweet-tooth.


If she prefers pampering, set her up with a gift certificate from Extrados.  And through the end of March, if she mentions Radar, she'll receive's 20% a semi-permanent eye lash dip application saving her time of the daily mascara needs.  You may not get it, but she will. 

And please mention Radar sent you when ordering from the above!